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Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris

At ICT Chiropractic & Acupuncture our mission is to optimize the health and wellness of our patients in the Wichita community. We accomplish this through the use of the most up-to-date, all natural, drug-free, safe and effective treatments focused on the underlying source of your pain, not merely treating the symptoms.

We are committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals and restoring your body’s function to its peak performance. We are devoted to taking the time to getting to know you and working out a plan together that best fits your needs.

Dr. Chris was born and raised in Wichita, KS. He attended Bishop Carroll High School and completed two years of pre-med coursework at WSU. In 2008 he moved to Overland Park, KS. While there, he attended Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCC) graduating in 2013 with his Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Chris also met his future wife, Dr. Sara Bollenbach (Leavitt) while attending CCC. During his 5 years at CCC, he focused on the treatment of spine related ailments, sports related injuries, and the muscles/joints/ligaments involved in such injuries.

Upon graduating from CCC, he accepted a position as Clinic Director of the KC CORE Chiropractic office located at Centerpoint Hospital in Independence, MO. This helped Dr. Bollenbach sharpen his skills in multiple soft tissue treatments including Myofascial Release, Rock Tape (Kinesiology Taping), Trigger Point Therapy, Post Isometric Relaxation Stretching, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation. Dr. Bollenbach utilizes several chiropractic adjusting methods to treat spinal and other joint malpositions including: Diversified, Cox Flexion/Distraction, and Activator Method.

Dr. Chris has strong family ties to Wichita. Coming from a large family consisting of; his mother (one of 12 siblings), two brothers, one niece, four nephews and roughly 80 cousins. During his youth, high school and college years he worked for his uncles at their restaurants, Knolla’s Pizza. Over his 10 years with the company, he worked his way from a dishwasher to becoming a co-owner at Knolla’s Pizza East before finding his calling as a Doctor of Chiropractic. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his growing family, his son Nash is almost 2 years old!! He also loves his time with his nephews Grayson, Sammy, Marshall & Logan and niece Olivia! He also enjoys working out, camping and anything outdoors related. You can find him cheering on the WSU Shockers, KU, the Royals, the Chiefs, and taking his Jeep off-roading.

Dr. Sara

Dr. Sara

Dr. Sara Bollenbach (Leavitt) was raised in Little River, Kansas. She graduated from Little River High School in 2005 and is a graduate of Cowley County Community College, where she achieved her Associate of Science Degree. Dr. Sara moved to Overland Park in 2010 where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree (DC) from Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCC) in Overland Park, Kansas.

Through her time in chiropractic school, she fell in love with caring for families, especially for prenatal, postpartum and pediatric wellness care.  Dr. Sara is in the process of specialty training and certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA – icpa4kids.org). She is Webster Technique Certified through the ICPA and co-owns the practice with her husband, Dr. Chris Bollenbach. Dr. Sara focuses on the treatment of spine related ailments through the use of adjustments with the help of acupuncture to enhance the healing process and promote optimal health. She sees a variety of patients – newborn to elderly, moms and dads, athletes and weekend warriors. Dr. Sara is in the process of specialty training and certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA – icpa4kids.org). She is Webster Technique Certified through the ICPA.

Dr. Sara is a Regional Director of BIRTHFIT, and teaches prenatal and postpartum fitness and education courses through BIRTHFIT Wichita.  She and her husband Chris are proud parents of one wonderful son, Nash, who is growing too fast!  She also loves getting to help the people around her through the passion, and commitment she has for her profession as a Chiropractor.


  • I can’t say enough about Dr. Bollenbach. I tend to let stress settle in my upper back and neck area, which along with bulging discs in my neck, can cause me to have severe pain. I’ve been to several Chiropractors over the past 15 years and so far Dr. Bollenbach is the best I’ve found! He uses a variety of techniques to help relieve pain and keep it gone. He also isn’t pushy about scheduling regular appointments as most Chiropractors are; however, I have found from experience that if I don’t go and have him work on my neck and upper back regularly, that my pain will return due to stress. I highly recommend Dr. Bollenbach! Make an appointment today- you won’t be disappointed!

    Erika G
  • Doctor B is truly amazing! I cannot say enough great things about him. Thanks Doc, I appreciate all you’ve done

    Denny C
  • I want to start off by saying that I’m getting nothing out of this. I want to help people that might have given up on pain issues. After years of ball, bodybuilding and Powerlifting the years have caught up. I’m broken. But I wouldn’t change one thing I did. I knew it was coming. Years of neck, shoulders and back pain have been horrible. Thank god my knees and legs don’t hurt. I gave up meds were useless just masked the pain, couldn’t sleep like a normal human being. But that all has changed now. I started going to Dr Chris Bollenbach out west. I was at the end I thought what the hell. He started a 2 week process on my neck and shoulders called dry needling. A form of acupuncture but with electrical stimulation to the needles. If I can do it anyone can I’m a big baby. I can now turn my head with no pain my shoulder pain is almost all gone. I haven’t had 1 cortisone shot since I started on this adventure. I just want to let anyone know. If you think that you have to just suck it up and live with it. You don’t guys. It worked miracles for me. And also has helped Dana’s Broken ankle pain. I hope you all get relief like I did. Look it up. My Dr is Chris Bollenbach click on his name at top. Him and his better half Sarah are young and just had a little one. And probably the nicest people you will ever meet. They took my pain away and I can sleep almost all night. Something i was never able to do before. Oh and 1 more thing.. guy looks just like Michael Phelps the Olympic swimmer.

    Rick C
  • Dr. Chris is amazing! For years now, I have progressively lost range of motion in my right hip, squatting was painful and walking around the house was becoming a problem. Just a few weeks of seeing Dr. Chris, my quality of life has greatly improved. I am able to walk a lot more and be more active due to significant pain reduction and an increase in range of motion in my hips. I truly feel like he’s a God sent. He’s such a wonderful doctor and he truly cares about helping his patients. I highly recommend him.

    Carmen R
  • I’ve only been seeing Dr. Chris for a week now, but already I am seeing great improvement in my shoulders and neck. This is my first time ever seeing a chiropractor and It’s been a fun and professional environment, and also very personable. I’m very glad that Dr. Chris was recommended!

    Kristi M

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