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Chiropractic detox and functional medicine in Wichita

Feel Your Best with Chiropractic Detox and Functional Medicine in Wichita 


Going to the chiropractor is a common treatment these days, but what does it really do and how does it fit into the functional medicine model? At ICT in Wichita, Dr. Chris and Dr. Sara focus on relieving you from your immediate symptoms, but they don’t stop there! They are also concerned with overall healthy living that will help you avoid sickness and chronic pain.


In this post, our team shows you how chiropractic services, such as chiropractic detox, and functional medicine go hand in hand at ICT Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Wichita. 


What is the benefit of Chiropractic services? 

While chiropractic work is well known, you may not know why it relieves your pain. Most people come simply because the adjustments “feel good” and relieve acute back pain. That’s a great reason, but the health benefits go much deeper.


Chiropractic is a drug-and surgery-free, hands-on system of complementary medicine that helps your body heal through chiropractic adjustment and care. This type of care is used to treat misaligned joints, spinal column issues, back pain, ailments associated with pregnancy, etc. Regular visits to a chiropractor can help reduce the pain and restore the range of motion in your body.


At ICT we use advanced chiropractic services to spur on the body’s natural ability to heal and give a boost to your immune system. Chiropractic treatments detox the body when releasing toxins that have built up in the body. When an adjustment is made to a patient, the body releases toxins due to spinal manipulation, which is a good thing. This means chiropractic has both physical and chemical benefits. 


How is functional medicine used in chiropractic services? 

In chiropractic services, functional medicine is used to determine the underlying cause for the obvious physical muscle and or joint pain that exists. Instead of simply making adjustments to ease the pain until the next visit, functional medicine is utilized to determine the root cause of the chronic pain and work with the patient to create a treatment plan that will help prevent further illness or recurring pain.


Chiropractic might also be used to treat a seemingly unrelated condition. For example, some people might complain of vertigo and headaches. While the symptoms might manifest in the head, the real problem might be a pinched nerve in a misaligned spine. Functional medicine will help the doctor realize that a chiropractic adjustment will relieve the head pressure.


At ICT we utilize traditional chiropractic techniques and services in addition to advanced treatments such as following up or pairing adjustments with additional treatment. Visit our site or Wichita office to learn more about treatments we utilize to help our patients.


What is chiropractic detox?

At ICT we utilize the Roadmap to Health in determining the best treatment for our clients. The first phase begins with focusing on energy and drainage. What does that mean? Well, it means that we focus on jumpstarting your treatment at the mitochondrial level. The mitochondrial function is responsible for every function of cells, organs, and tissue in the body. Without first detoxing the body through chiropractic methods, the body’s ability to heal itself of other diseases may be impacted.


Chiropractic methods utilize manipulation of the soft tissue to facilitate detoxification instead of using herbs, juices, or drugs. When soft tissues are manipulated, it can help the body’s natural process of detoxing by increasing the bile flow throughout the body. Chiropractic detoxification leaves your body feeling rejuvenated because the blockages that were caused by toxins are now removed due to the manipulation. Afterward, your body will begin to function more efficiently. Once your body is functioning properly, doctors are able to address the illness that’s causing additional issues and your body will be able to more easily repair itself since it no longer is filled with toxins.


What is the Roadmap to Health

At ICT we use the Roadmap to Health when treating our patients. The first step in the Roadmap to Health is to evaluate each patient based on their current health symptoms in addition to evaluating their overall health to determine the root cause of the surface level symptoms.


The Roadmap to Health breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps or phases:

Phase 1: Energy and Drainage

Phase 2: Gut and Immune Support

Phase 3: Whole Body Immune Support

Phase 4: Systemic Detox

Phase 5: Deeper Immune Support


The goal of the Roadmap to Health is to first support the patient’s mitochondria and open drainage pathways to minimize reactions to future treatments and make sure the body has enough energy to detoxify. Each step targets different areas of the body at each stage of their detoxifications so that the underlying root causes of the surface-level symptoms can be addressed


Who would benefit from chiropractic and functional medicine?

Everyone can benefit from chiropractic services because everyone experiences physical and mental stress every day. Of course, people that are experiencing chronic pain would be more inclined to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, but we are advocates of preventative care to avoid illnesses, when possible. 


At ICT we provide services to patients in every chapter of life; from children to postpartum care, and beyond. There’s a chiropractic service that can either help you prevent illness or help rid you of chronic pain. Visit our site to learn more about the services we provide.


Contact ICT Chirorpractic & Acupuncture 

If you experience chronic pain, or you want to prevent illness through chiropractic detoxification contact us today to schedule your first appointment.


At ICT we are committed to creating treatment plans utilizing advanced chiropractic & acupuncture services that are designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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