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Functional Medicine in Wichita: How ICT Can Help Heal Your Chronic Pain

Functional Medicine in Wichita: How ICT Can Help Heal Your Chronic Pain


Functional medicine is about seeing diseases as more than just their symptoms, and at ICT Chiropractic, we treat the person as a whole by addressing the root causes of disease. We are committed to optimizing the health and wellness of our patients in the Wichita community by using the most-up-date, all-natural, drug-free, safe, and effective treatments. 


In our practice, we treat patients by taking our time to get to know them and working together to determine a functional medicine treatment that best fits their needs and addresses the root issue of their illness.


What is Functional Medicine?

The basic premise of functional medicine is to view the patient as a whole. The goal is not simply to manage symptoms. Rather, the goal is to eliminate symptoms by determining their root causes. How do we discover the root causes of chronic pain and disease? We analyze your lifestyle, genetics, and lab tests to help your investigation. Additionally, functional medicine focuses on holistic treatments that don’t include unnecessary prescription drugs or surgeries. 


Traditional healthcare might offer treatments that cause the surface-level pain to disappear, but they may not address what is causing the pain. This can lead to consistent use of drugs to rid the pain or may cause additional symptoms like unpleasant side effects. Instead of treating just one, obvious symptom, functional medicine doctors go the extra mile to truly heal your body at the source. 


At ICT in Wichita, we want to reduce your chronic pain and discomfort, but we also want to cure the root issue that’s causing the health symptoms by utilizing advanced chiropractic and acupuncture techniques. To assist the healing process, we also focus on rebuilding cellular health, which works with your body’s natural ability to refresh and heal itself. 


How Does Cellular Repair Therapy Support the Goals of Functional Medicine?

Simply put, cellular repair therapy (CRT) works with your body’s natural repair process by reinforcing the natural signals to your body. The best part is that it’s a drug-free option and is free of negative side effects. Because CRT heals the body’s cells, it can lead to a decrease in chronic pain and increased recovery time from illness or injury. 


Who wouldn’t want to have improved energy and overall better health without the use of drugs and risking the chance of experiencing unwanted side effects? 


At ICT we use CRT throughout our chiropractic and acupuncture services, which can rid you of chronic pain in many types of conditions that we treat.


Conditions we treat at ICT in Wichita using a combination of functional medicine and CRT:


  1. Muscle aches
  2. Joint pain
  3. Liver detox
  4. Heavy metal detox
  5. Environmental (glyphosate/pesticide) detox
  6. Leaky gut 
  7. Energy/fatigue support


Each condition is evaluated and treated based on an individual’s needs. We look at the whole body when determining the root cause of symptoms, and create a functional medicine plan together to work with your body’s natural healing process.


Functional Medicine in Chiropractic & Acupuncture: Serving the Wichita Community

At ICT we use the Roadmap to Health when treating our patients. The first step in the Roadmap to Health is to evaluate each patient based on their current health symptoms in addition to evaluating their overall health to determine the root cause of the surface level symptoms.


The Roadmap to Health breaks down the process into easy-to-follow phases:


  • Phase 1: Energy and Drainage
  • Phase 2: Gut and Immune Support
  • Phase 3: Whole Body Immune Support
  • Phase 4: Systemic Detox
  • Phase 5: Deeper Immune Support


The goal of the Roadmap to Health is to first support the patient’s mitochondria and open drainage pathways to minimize reactions to future treatments and make sure the body has enough energy to detoxify. Each step targets different areas of the body at each stage of their detoxifications so that the underlying root causes of the surface-level symptoms can be addressed


Experience a Pain-Free Life When You Try Functional Medicine in Wichita 

At ICT Chiropractic & Acupuncture we are committed to utilizing functional medicine and cellular repair therapy to treat the root issue of surface-level symptoms. Learn more about our services and contact us at our Wichita office today!

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