What is Cupping?

During the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, a great deal of attention was given to the US Swim Team, not just for their awesome performance, but because many team members sported odd reddish-purple spherical markings on their backs, arms and shoulders. Those marks are the result of cupping therapy, an ancient Chinese treatment that works by expanding capillaries and increasing the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues.

Benefits of Cupping

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How does Cupping work?

During the cupping procedure, the patient lies on a massage table and cups are applied to the back in a series of positions to produce suction and create a vacuum effect. Cupping targets areas of skin and deep tissue within the back to dull pain, break up scar tissue and relax muscles and connective tissue. Cupping is almost the opposite of massage. Instead of applying pressure to swollen and painful areas, cupping draws pressure outward.

In dry cupping, a trained practitioner places cups on the patient’s area of complaint. A vacuum pump is used to create suction in the cup and left from 5-20 minutes on the patient’s area of complaint. While on the patient’s skin the vacuum pressure pulls the skin into the cup, stretching out skin tissue and increasing blood flow to facilitate healing.